21 March 2018, Sarasota, Fl

Puerto Rico se levanta means Puerto Rico rises, and is a hashtag circulating all over the internet, with the purpose to inspire the rebuilding of the island. A team from YWAM Sarasota were honored to get to go there and play a small part in that rebuilding. 

Puerto Rico is an amazing place to be. When we landed we could see - out of the window of the airplane - the skeleton of a house filled with a pile of rubbish that must be everything it used to be made of. But when we got to the YWAM Puerto Rico base where we were staying, we spent the rest of that night dancing.  A little girl had her birthday party, and we were all welcomed with burgers and I even think I got a little bag of candy. And it marked the rest of our trip, the amazing people, the hospitality we were met by, and the beauty a place can carry regardless of what it's been through. 

Something we were all excited about was to get to do some practical work. We got to help lay the foundation for a new house, built for a man named Julio who had lost everything in the hurricanes! And we also got to help clean up an overgrown park. But even though those things were all good, it was valuable to just talk to people, and get to pray for them and share with them about who God is. Because His love can be shown through physical work and gifts, but it must never be dependent on it. If that's the case, what will happen if there's another hurricane? If a house falls again? Life must be built on a different foundation, One that lasts. Even though God loves meeting our physical needs, He Himself needs to be the One whom our lives are built upon. 

We come back with a sense of greatfulness. That we got to see a place that is beautiful, that we got to partner with God's heart to help people there. But the work goes on, and for years they will need volounteers to come help out. So if you're reading this and are curious, or maybe just want to hear more stories, you're always welcome to contact us! And thank you for everyone who gave to and prayed for this trip, it is amazing the things we can do together. 

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