Sarasota Winter

7 Feb 2018, Sarasota, Fl

It’s cold outside. The Salvation Army have opened the doors to their emergency shelters, and running out to the car this morning, the rear window was covered in frost.

Our first morning taking prayer to the streets we were shaking. We sat on the steps outside the library and I was covered in blankets that my friends kept giving me (because they're nice like that). 

But it was the most fun I’ve ever had praying. We had moved out of our base and talked in prayer about how good God is, and how all things give glory to Him. The wind in our faces, the sun slowly rising over the houses. It all tells the story of Him, if you listen. Things come and go but in Him there’s always an overflow, and in that moment it came in joy.

Transition often start like that. But then days continue. You’re happy first, but then the days keep coming, and you need to be patient. I don’t like the patience part because it feels like dying. A few days ago I wanted to write it in spray paint all over, put posters on every fence in the city: ‘Welcome to the funeral of YWAM Sarasota and all that we used to be.’ Now, that is because I'm slightly melodramatic, but also because I want the rebirth so badly that I could just drop everything to run forward. In truth, patience hurts, because we stay in the moment for the funeral. 

But in His kingdom, all things live by dying.

Just like one day, when times grow old, the death of this earth will be the birth of a new one. And sometimes we can see that moment of resurrection. When darkness turns to light, death to life. But sometimes we're just watching the sunset, and at some point it became sunrise. Our world was turned upside down, but we can't identify exactly when or how, because the two processes overlap and intertwine. It’s in the nature of good death to be birth pain.

I think about it, as I look up. It's grey where we sit, but the top of the tall buildings surrounding us are golden, reached by the sunlight. Birds fly up there. Let your heart feel the warmth of it. Your decay will be resurrection, your letting go your rebirth. This is what good death does. 

(PS. A few days after this, we met a group that were out praying for people in the city. As we shared about being in a transitional season, this one guy told us that: "You know, it's like that in the whole body of Christ. You're not alone in that. But transition is also the season a woman goes through before giving birth.
So something is happening.")