The Man in White

25 Jan 2018, Sarasota, Fl

Every week as YWAM Sarasota, we and all of our staff hit the streets of the city to bring the love of Jesus everywhere we go. This is always an exciting time. We see blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, the lame walk and of course the lost found! 

Just last week I was doing ministry with a group in an area of the city that we call Newtown. We were able to share with and pray for the first group of people we met. We saw one lady’s knee get totally healed. (After praying a couple of times. If you don’t see the healing at first, don’t be scared to pray again. We know that at least one time it took Jesus extending healing twice before a blind man saw. See Mark 8). As we prayed for these women and their families another woman started weeping as she encountered the love of Jesus. It was a beautiful time!

Before leaving them I felt that the Lord was wanting to give them dreams as they sleep. So I shared that. Right after sharing that one lady looked at me and said “I have been having a reoccurring dream.” Needless to say I was very curious so I asked “what is this dream you have been having?”

“In my dream I step out my front door, and as I step out I look up and the sky is being torn open. Coming out of the sky is a giant man who is clothed in white and he is riding on a white horse. As I look into his eyes he has a fierce look in them as if there's fire in his eyes. He is leading an army with him of men in white. And then my dream is over”

As she was sharing this with me I was sure it was a joke! I mean, who has dreams like that?! But as I begin to talk to her I realized that she had no context or understanding of what’s written in the Bible. So I opened my phone and begun reading Revelation 19. In this chapter there's an almost exact picture of what that woman had been dreaming. She then looked at me with shock on her face... “you mean I’ve been dreaming the Bible?!?! What does this mean?”

To make a long story short: a couple of days ago we had the first Bible study in this woman’s home! I am believing it will be the first of many to come!

"Aslan is on the move!"

- Josh Elke