The Trap of the New Year

6 Jan 2018, Sarasota, Fl

Hope. Hope is what we all love and what we all want. We all hope for something. We hope for change. We hope that things will get better. We hope for a new car or a new job. We hope to go to a certain place for vacation. We hope that there be will be no traffic today. We hope that our Starbucks barista will get our name right. Whether it's big or small, we all hope for something. Beyond that, we all have something we place our hope in. When you really think about it, most of us- even Christians- place our hope in the wrong things. We give earthly things way too much credit for what happens in our lives. I was bombarded with this realization at the end of 2017.

It's the normal thing us humans do. A chapter is closing, a year is coming to an end, so we get all sentimental and really stop and think about how our year has been. The last week of 2017 my Facebook was flooded with posts about how excited everyone was for 2018 and that 2018 is gonna be better and they're really gonna get it right and so on and so on.

When I thought about it, it's basically the same thing we say every year. We place our hope in the start of a new year. We think that everything will be better because a new year has started. We think we will change because a new year has started. This couldn't be further from the truth.

It's good that everyone is so hopeful for the new year. We need to be hopeful that each year will be good. But what are we placing our hope in? Our hope should always rest in one thing- Jesus. Jesus is the reason for our hope. It's not the new year that brings change and makes things better. We cannot depend on a new year like we can Jesus. We can always depend on Jesus to make our years good.

Why should we place our hope in Jesus? He is good. He is faithful. He is committed. He is trustworthy. His word never fails. He is generous. I could keep going. The God we serve is so big and so good and so worthy of us placing our hope in him. No matter what our year looks like we can always rest in the God of hope. We can rest in his promises for this year. We can rest in knowing that these promises will come to pass- no matter what they look like. Most of all, we can rest in knowing that God is good and that his goodness surrounds our life.

I decided to enter this year with the perspective that God's goodness is daily flooding my life. I cannot go a moment without his goodness being in it. Remember this truth, as a child of God your years will always be filled with God's goodness regardless of of your circumstances. As we continue into this new year may our eyes be open to see God's goodness in our life. And may we always be remembered as to who our hope comes from and why. My hope for this new year- and for every year- is that we would all walk in the reality of the hope that we have. May we never lose our wonder.

- Katie Floyd