About how Clara gives me tea

15 Jan 2018, Sarasota, Fl

I want to talk about identity today. 

Sometimes I struggle with it. Not just on a personal level, but even when it comes to writing these blog posts. Because as YWAM Sarasota we like to say that we want to express the truth about who we are; but when it actually comes down to it, there are so many truths. 

I could write about how we moved out of our base today. It could be a hopeful story about trusting God even when we don't know where he's leading us. I could write about our upcoming Puerto Rico trip and all the things we want to do there. Or about our arts ministry, or evangelism, or about what is happening in the very city of Sarasota.

But then I start doubting if those things are even who we are. What if underneath it all we're hollow? What if we find a mask to take off and under it find ourselves empty?

My comfort then is this: Our dependence on God makes us so independent of other things. Even when it comes to identity. Because it is not in who we are, but in who God is. We need never be scared that in our search for purpose and vision we'll end up empty handed. We need never search empty pockets for a sense of self or try to figure something out that keeps slipping between our fingers. 

Maybe it's our job - not as much to know who we are - but to know the one who does, and then be. 

Also, here are some truths I choose to tell. These are some people I know, and some things that help me see - not mainly who they are - but who God is. 


This is Katie. Whenever I would doubt that I was actually supposed to go to YWAM Sarasota I would listen to her voice messages and realise that I'm wanted here.

DSC_7044 (1).JPG

These are my girls. We moved out of our apartment because we felt that was the direction God was leading us in. And we felt God saying that because Lara reminded us to actually sit down all together and pray about it instead of choosing the comfortable way. 


And this is Clara. She's a great photographer, a great musician, but she also takes care of me when I'm sick. She has all this natural medicine stuff and just literally won't stop serving me tea. 

(And in all of them, He is.) 

-Linnéa Strömberg