Ekballo - To send someone out

(This is not written in Sarasota, since the YWAM Sarasota staff have evacuated to various safer places. Please keep in your prayers Florida and all the places that have or are being affected by hurricane Irma. Or course we'll update about how this affects us, when we ourselves know.) 

10 Sept 2017, Clemson, South Carolina

Last week (even though it feels longer ago) was our YWAM Sarasota staff days. In the beginning of the week, one of our leaders presented us with a box that was wrapped like a present but completely empty. It was our Ekballo box, and throughout the week we collected money in that box so we could use it to send someone on outreach. 

Ekballo means to send someone out. Send someone forth. It’s the word Jesus uses in Matthew 9:38: 

"Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

ekballo: I throw, cast, put out, banish, bring forth, produce

Original Word: ἐκβάλλω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ekballo
Phonetic Spelling: (ek-bal'-lo)
Short Definition: I throw, cast, put out, banish, bring forth, produce
Definition: I throw (cast, put) out; I banish; I bring forth, produce.

See, we want to be a community of people coming and going. We want to excite people about worlds missions, to be a starting point for long term missionaries, and to be a place where people constantly drop in from the crazy adventures God has taken them on. And so this was a way to encourage more of that. 

On the friday beach barbeque that signaled the end of our staff days, everyone who wanted could put their name in. The person who got picked got to use the money go on outreach to the 10/40 window, before the end of the year. 

And the person chosen is... Clara! And of course this also serves as inspiration, so we already have more people who have decided to come with her. Of course we'll keep you updated about where this team decides to go! 

Get Ekballoed son.jpeg

As YWAM Sarasota we are incredibly excited about this. See, there are a lot of things we don’t know. We are looking for a new location for our base. Figuring out what ministry looks like in a season we’ve never been in before. And also, there's that hurricane heading towards us, that will bring an unknown aftermath.

But we are searching for places. For plans. Maybe even for people, in a way always for people. Not for dreams. Not for visions. Just for the tools and the paths and the fruition, the ways in which all things will come to pass. But we know enough to do something.

And the truth is, we all do. All the time. You do know enough to do something. The word of God is clear enough on that. Spoken through the bible, sometimes in spirit or maybe in the conscience He has already put in you. We know what to do. Feed the hungry. Give to the poor. Visit the people in prisons, on the streets, the widows or the lonely. Maybe that means something different to you. Maybe you see loneliness in different places, find the poor places in a rich persons soul. If so, go there, help them. And if not, feed the hungry. Give to the poor. Talk to the lonely. We have to find ways into people’s hearts, but a lot of times those hearts are wide open. And for those who are not, the way in is usually them seeing you being all of this light to the people who need it, and them reacting to a lifestyle that proves theirs unsatisfying and lifeless. It’s okay to make people feel bad in a way that makes them better.

I guess that's the missions encouragement for today. There are places where people haven't heard of Jesus, so we go there. But there are also neighbours who don't know who he is. Or who are hungry. Scared. Lonely. Regardless, there are always, always, ways to help.