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The students of this years MOTA DTS were split into two teams for their outreach, and each team had a presentation on stage to share with us some selected testimonies and stories from their two months journey. 

"I think one of the coolest things is to hear that the ministry was so much built on relationships," Sven, one of our leaders says, "Literally thousands of people were affected, there were salvations, healings, and people hearing the gospel, yet it was on the basis of personal encounters. And it's also important for us that everyone that supports us, that prays, encourages, or just are friends, are partners in what happened. This night is reporting back what all of them, all of us, have done in the nations." 

I ask Cristiane, another staff member, what she thinks and she laughs before answering.
"I just cried two times," she says, "I've never gotten to see anything like this, a team that just comes straight from outreach and tells the stories in this way. You could really feel the holy spirit working." 

"We had tables full of things from Kenya and Nepal, and the people were not just looking at the things, but they were genuinely touched by the art and interested in speaking to everyone about their experiences," says our staff member Arianna. 

At the end of the night we also got to pray for a team from one of the churches in Sarasota, that are going to Haiti on a missions trip. "That was really cool," Sven says, "They got to hear some of our stories, what God is able to do through us when we say yes, now before they are going as well. That's what we all want, to excite people about missions." 

Thank you to everyone who took part in our report back night, or watched the live stream! And to everyone who's part of what we're doing here at YWAM Sarasota. 

As they say in Swahili: Asante sana.