Finding God in the Ocean (and not)

4 Voices
            what it's like living close to the ocean. 

1. "I don’t go to the ocean as much as I used to, but strangely I've found myself thinking about it a lot lately. I'm fascinated by how we know less about the ocean than outer space, that's just mind boggling. It’s our planet, and there's still so much we don’t know about it. There are many areas where no one has ever set foot. It makes me think of this statement God makes: 

Job 38:16
“Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea
    or walked in the recesses of the deep?

It's an amazing statement. I haven’t, but he has. So when i think about the ocean, I'm blown away by the bigness of who he is."

- Josh Elke

2. "Back when I had a car I used to go to the ocean in the evenings, when there's less people. I would just walk along the beach and take in the bigness, greatness, magnificence of the ocean. It's so endless and so powerful. Of course those are also attributes to God, so it's like I was walking with him. Sometimes I'd just talk to him, or sometimes ask questions, but sometimes I'd also take out my frustrations and even yell. I'd just turn to the ocean, look at the waves rolling in, and shout things to God that were swallowed up by waves and water and wind. It's a very intimate thing." 

- Sven Stuhrmann


3. "Yeah, I don't really like the ocean. I am just not very fond of it, I mean it's great if you get to do something there, but not just to go to the beach. In fact a wise man once explained my biggest problem with the beach, "I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere." I think the ocean is suitable for 15 minutes visits. Once every month. At most. 15 minutes is enough to appreciate the magnificence, and then I'm good."

- Adam Perkins

4. "I never know what the ocean will tell me. I feel like you're supposed to be overwhelmed by it, see it as a symbol of the depth of God's grace and love, float in the waves like they’re fluffy clouds of heaven. And sometimes it's like that, but sometimes water is just water. I try to write about it, but my imagination runs dry. I try to paint it, which I'm becoming better at, but I still need a hundred beach days more, a hundred sunsets for practice. Some days it's perfect, refreshing and exactly what you need,  but some days you're just frustrated that there's sand everywhere . And I like it, because it's still just there. It's too big for my mind to remember as it truly is, and so somehow I still get a little bit surprised when I raise my eyes unprepared and see the endlessness of it. 

It is what it is. It does what it does."

- Linnéa Strömberg