Goodbye from Japan

8 Dec 2017, Tokyo, Japan. 

This is the last day of our staff outreach, and here are a couple things we've learned from our time here:

I've learned that success through God’s eyes looks way different than it does through my eyes. I think that sums up this whole trip for me. Because I think success should look like all these things happening, everyone getting saved. But God is like: “Calm down. Actually, success looks like asking me what I want you to do for that day, and then doing it.” It’s actually really simple. So having that perspective has been really freeing for me in this outreach.

-Clara Christofferson

I think I’ve learned that when it’s all about Jesus, everything else falls into place. I easily add: “Sure, but of course we also need to do this and that.” But that diminishes the truth of that first statement. That means the answer to fear and passivity is found in something else than simple productivity. Let us be relentless and fierce in our efforts to build our lives and very hearts up as altars of worship to God. Then surely God will let his glory rest on us so as to lead people to what is that we reflect. And it’s difficult, because I want to be good for my own sake. I want to feel useful. At one point that sentence started playing my mind: I have to be useful. Over and over again as my team mates prayed over me. But I am learning, more and more, to live my life with the foundational thought that it all started with us simply walking with God in a garden, and that one day it’ll end there as well.

-Linnéa Strömberg


Hugs and goodbye from Tokyo for this time! Though there might be some video content coming up later..