With us.

23 Dec 2017, Sarasota, Fl

Merry Christmas from our family at YWAM Sarasota!

As we get into the full swing of the holiday season – with the sweaters, the cocoa, and the get-togethers – take a moment to reminisce on this past year. Replay all the times that God had been involved in your daily life, in the calm and rocky seasons. As celebrated on Christmas, we have the fulfilled promise of a Savior that is not simply observant, but active in his pursuit for you. A Messiah, a Christ. Jesus gladly chose to come down to where we are, to get involved in our mess.


So with that, with looking at the testimonies that have come in this past year, how has Jesus made it known that He is with you? In what ways has He pursued you? And with that, how have you responded?


In this next season, let us fully respond to God's desire to love us, to know us, to be with us, without fear or hesitation!