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18 Dec 2017, Sarasota, Fl

(Written after our Art Ministry's in house exhibition)

As one of the leaders of our Art Ministry here at YWAM Sarasota (which is yet to be named), I definitely have a lot of vision and ideas. And, I want them all to happen now. When we had our art retreat and started the ministry I wanted things to move fast and happen immediately. And of course, we don't want to lose our momentum. But, I also have to remind myself of the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

I've been reminded over and over again of God's commitment to us. Because God is so committed to us He doesn't rush us. He wants us to be fully mature in all aspects of our life, which means He doesn't try to speed up the growth process. And this is what I've been having to reiterate to myself when it comes to the Art Ministry. God does not expect us to bloom and blossom into some wonderfully huge ministry that is saving thousands and selling out shows and galleries within the first six months.

For the past four months we've diligently been taking the steps that God has placed before us. We have been focused on disciplining ourselves as artists and working on our technique. In doing this we believe this will give us more authority and allow us to speak more into the lives of other artists. God has been taking us on a journey of how he sees art and the way He wants us to use it for the furthering of His kingdom. On Monday night we had a very small, informal in-house exhibition for the YWAM Sarasota community to share with them the journey we've been on. Here is what the process has been like for each of us...

"I realized how I could turn my passion for making jewelry into missions. Simply put, I can bless people with bracelets and tell them about Jesus."   -Natalie Wurster

"Even when it's not clear, there's so much joy in: exploring all of the avenues where God could be leading me, releasing what I'm not called to, and embracing what I am called to." -Chris Balbi

"Sometimes God uses your broken heart to reveal things to you about his love and to draw you closer to him. From this, God takes your brokenness and makes something beautiful out of it. This is what I'm doing with my art- taking the broken and making beauty out of it." -Arianna Nünlist

"The process is worth it. It's so, so worth it. It's also deeply frustrating. It's easy to just make something and call it a day. But it's harder to actually walk through the process, discipline yourself, and pursue excellence. But the feeling of accomplishment you get when you push through the creative blocks is worth it. The sacrifices are worth it." -Katie Floyd

"I've been seeing opportunities for art in missions in a professional sense. It excites me to see art in missions being used in a professional way." -Adam Perkins

(In regards to Japan) "I spent quite a bit of time playing my guitar in parks. One time a drunk guy sat down with me and listened. At one point I started singing a worship song and he sang along with me. I was able to usher in God's presence to the place." -Clara Christofferson


- Katie Floyd