New Staff Interview - Lara

12 Nov 2017, Sarasota, Fl

Interview with Lara Schöllhorn, 20 years old, from Germany, who has joined our staff team here at YWAM Sarasota! 


So how did you end up at YWAM Sarasota?

Yeah well, that’s the question. I actually don’t really know, but I wanted to do something christian and something with art. Then my friend told me about the DTS here, and I though yeah I want to do it. And that was the decision.

And now you’re here as staff, how did that happen?

It was something God really didn’t allow to leave my heart. God said There’s some restoration that still needs to happen, and I’m not finished there with you. So that was on my heart since I left Sarasota, and after a time of running away I needed to make a decision between actually coming back, studying or doing something else. I still doubted that I actually needed to come back and if it was the place for me. But then one Friday I decided that I needed to stop my doubting and just apply, and then the people here could pray about it. You know, they're good at that. 

And then a few days later I checked my facebook. There was a message from my base leader, from that Friday. She wrote that her 4 year old son had been playing next to her, and then all of a sudden he randomly said: “Oh, now God has spoken to Lara.” And then a few seconds later: “Because he knows how to build volcanoes.” So that was it. My application was accepted and now I’m here.

Wow! Do you have any idea what the volcano thing meant?

Well my friend was googling it and there’s not much to it. You know there’s the definition of a volcano: the whole mountain lava thing. But then she also found another example, it said: It’s a very temperamental person: ‘She fascinated masses, she’s a real volcano’

So is that who you are to be?

Maybe. I would say more about it, but it’s intense talking about things that haven’t happened yet, puts this whole pressure thing on you.

I mean, i believe it. Knowing you, i believe it.

Actually though, going back to why I’m here. I always remember a prophesy I once got, actually in DTS; the guy was saying You know for God, it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s not really about the place. God likes the place, but He loves the person. I’m here, surrounded by people that follow Jesus with their lives. 

Also I can have ideas and the people around me won’t say: "You’re crazy, you’re out of your mind.” They’ll say: “You’re crazy, you’re out of your mind, and I want to do that with you.”

And I do think I’m really really excited about every single person who is here. We have a very special team and everyone is stepping into their part – their identity – in what we're doing. I can see so much in all of them, and I’m starting to really see how it’s all working together for the very special season we’re in right now.

Are there any specific dreams you have, or things you’re excited to do here?

Not yet. I feel like it’s about the way, the journey you have. And I feel like I’m about to step onto that way, into things God is going to speak. My dream is to get closer to the journey, closer to living the journey with joy and taking other people into it, and just constantly being excited about what God is doing in the present moment.

I think that's a really amazing sentence to end this on.
And of course: Welcome!           
We're really happy to have you here.