Shifting Your Thinking

Throughout the ENAG (Eastern North America Gathering) and in the time after it, as I’ve processed and reflected on everything. I’ve tried to filter through what are the main things God wanted to highlight. Everywhere I go I want something to shift in my world view for the better. What was that thing that really shifted my worldview? Well, there were quite a few stand outs. But, there’s one moment during the conference that has really been making me think differently- and it wasn't a big, spectacular moment.

It was Tuesday morning and I’m sitting on one of the benches in front of the cross at the lake having my quiet time. As I was processing what Amy Ward had spoken on the day before, I thought about the beautiful story God is writing. I thought about the incredible things going in the world right now and the amazing ways God’s kingdom is being advanced. I was thinking a lot about my part in the story. There is so much I want to do in this story, and I believe it’s all possible. I know that God has an incredible part for me in this story.                                               

As I thought more about my part in the story I started thinking about the rest of humanity’s part. I took my eyes off myself and started to think about the people I’m doing this story with. I looked around me and noticed the guy sitting on the bench on the other side of me and then I looked at the guy sitting behind me. I thought about how God sees those two guys. I thought to myself, “What will they do? What are the great and fantastic things they are going to do?” Then these thoughts came into my mind, “We were all made for something big and great and glorious. We were all made to do amazing and world changing things. We are all part of the same fantastic story and not one of our roles in it is insignificant. We are all great. We are all world changers.”

So why was this morning the most significant time for me out of the whole conference? Simply because my perspective was most changed then. I’ve always seen and been aware of the great things that are inside of me. I’m a dreamer and I dream of doing world changing things. However, because of my great confidence in myself and my abilities I’ve grown a lot of pride. I thought that "yes, I will do big things in this world, but most other people won’t do big things like I will." As you can see, I needed a lot of humility. But God has been breaking down the idea that I’m the only one capable of changing the world. As selfish as it sounds it’s how I thought. That morning my focus shifted from myself to the fact that there are billions of people in this world and they each have a unique purpose and role in this story- and it’s an important role.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in what you are going to do to change the world and the great things you will do. It’s good to be confident in the call God has placed on your life and his will for you. But, we must never forget we are not alone in this story. It is not you and you alone who changes the world. Together, through the simple steps of obedience we take, we do world changing things. We each play a part in bringing heaven to earth.

This story is bigger than me. It’s not just about what I will do for the kingdom. Yes, this story is about Jesus. But, it’s also about the billions of people playing a role in it. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, your role in the kingdom is important. It’s not about how skilled or qualified you are or what cool things you can contribute. God doesn’t ask us to go and change the way a nation’s economy or government runs, or to start ten orphanages. Although there will be times God might ask someone to go do something that might be along those lines, He doesn’t ask much of us. All he requires is that we are obedient and faithful to what he says. Yes, God will ask us to do radical things, but the way of a Christian life is a radical thing. Remain in a place of obedience and take the steps before, and if you are faithful to those steps you will make a difference in this world and in the age to come. If you walk in love and humility, then what feels like an ordinary day can be full of world changing things.

I hope this began to shift your thinking and challenged you in some way. This is just me scratching the surface of a revelation. So don't stop here. Put yourself in this story and ask God what your role looks like. It's a crazy story, and I'm so glad I'm not on my own in it.