Three Myths About ‘Living by Faith’ With Finances (Pt. 2)

26 Oct 2017, Sarasota, Fl

Part 2 of 3 in our series about myths and preconceptions regarding finances in missions. Read part 1 here! 

Finances can be a major hurdle when it comes to missions. It can not only prevent a missionary from fully committing to their assignment, but it can scare a person away from fulltime missions, as well.

But I want to encourage you: there is hope!

Most of our preconceptions about finances in missions are simply just that: preconceptions. The enemy uses fear and confusion to prevent the Great Commission from getting out there. My hope with this post is that you can begin to see God’s truth amidst these fears about finances, so that you can boldly pursue His calling for you this season!


2) “It’s that ugly, dirty thing that I have to do in order to be a missionary.”

As stated before, there is a very real fear of money. When we don’t fully understand something, we can be afraid of it. Because of our anxiety from money, we can very easily view support raising as a ‘necessary evil,’ something that we want to give as little effort to as possible, to swallow the bitter medicine. This present fear, together with the pride of not wanting to ask, can prevent a missionary from truly committing his or her assignment.

But I want to encourage you all, that raising support can not only be exciting, but if you allow it, this process can be a powerful ministry in of itself! Allow me to explain.

First, we need to allow God to give us a fresh perspective on this subject. It can start with how we identify this process. If you call managing your finances for missions ‘fundraising,’ or ‘receiving donations,’ it’s impersonal, giving the emphasis on the money that you receive. Instead, by focusing on the people who have caught on to your vision, the support-raising process becomes far more intentional. That’s why I call this process ‘Partnership Development,’ because honestly, it’s not just about the money. It’s about bringing other people in to your ministry; more than just as a financial investment (although that certainly does help!) Every movement of God requires a strong, sturdy foundation of brothers and sisters in Christ coming together in prayer and encouragement.

Also, in drawing people in to partner with you in this endeavor, it is also to their benefit as well. In this process of financial partnership, you are providing the body of Christ with another avenue to serve in the Great Commission. And without your willingness to engage in gathering a partnership team, you can be robbing them of the huge blessing that comes from pouring into missions. And ask any missionary who has a team of financial partners, they can tell you of how beautiful friendships have blossomed from partnership, where you can pour into each other spiritually, and there is that true sense of agape love. These relationships, testimonies, and blessings would not become reality if you chose to self-fund your ministry.

Don’t see support raising as a burden, see it as an opportunity!

-Christopher Balbi, YWAM Sarasota